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July 16th, 2014

Popular diet recipes allow you to five days lost 5 pounds
Reasonable diet is the key to weight loss, and in what kind of diet during weight loss can help improve the slimming effect? ​​Below small going to share with you one on the 5th weight-loss diet to help you lose weight quickly achieve the purpose, then come on How should we look at the usual diet arrange it

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July 16th, 2014

Do not lie to you two weeks lost 15 pounds of weight loss recipes

prior statement

1. My mom has been two weeks, lose weight 15 pounds, to be honest!

2. better go to the supermarket centralized procurement at the weekend,

Monday to Wednesday following the recipe conducted Thursday through Sunday return to normal diet and eat greasy

3. strict accordance with the diet, you do not affect the normal operation, do not exercise, does not affect sleep, saving time.

4. do not be greedy, because the recipes are all things chemical reaction, that did not actually absorb, actually help you lose weight, so absolutely strict accordance with the recipe.

< P> 5. do not be afraid to spend money.

diet recipes

first day

< / P>

morning: half a grapefruit, toast one, two spoonfuls of peanut butter, tea cup (used to drink a cup)

noon: half a box of canned tuna ( Mineral water rinse off, no salty oil-free), a toast, tea cup

night: Any two of meat, beans 10 (white boiled, except a small addition of salt and hold any seasoning), 10 red grapes, apple, low-fat ice cream cup (Baxi have low fat), tea cup


morning: half a banana branch, boiled egg, toast a tea cup

noon: cheese a salty two soda crackers, tea cup

night: two hot dogs, broccoli half (white boiled, except for a small amount of salt and hold any seasoning), grape 10 , half a banana sticks, low-fat ice cream (Baxi fat)


morning: apple, cheese one, two salty crackers, tea cup

noon: boiled egg, toast a tea cup

Evening: half a box of canned tuna (mineral water rinse off, no salty oil-free), grapes 10, spent half the dishes (white boiled, except for a small amount of salt and hold any seasoning), half a banana branch, low-fat ice cream (Baxi fat) ½ cup, half a cup of tea.

special attention

1. drinking every day two cups of water, only between noon meal and before going to sleep references, in addition to not drink or eat anything else

2. unavailable to make any changes, perform inedible within three days of the recipes in any cookbook undrinkable stuff outside, drinking water can be.

3. absolutely can not make any changes

4. must not make any changes


conducted from Monday to Wednesday following the recipe, Thursday Sunday resume a normal diet and eat greasy, as a stage. second week cycle, one month decline of at least 30 kg of ideal body weight.

as the case may be, has been 80 pounds of female TX do not read, you certainly do not cut down

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July 16th, 2014

Body really good recipes

Hollywood entertainment common “eatlikeabird (eat like a bird less)” This sentence teasing actress, because in order to maintain their slim figure, even though the current food, saliva and can only simmer famous movie star Demi Moore is one of the representatives, let us look at her three-day diet recipes

first day: breakfast eat less than 30 grams of low-fat cheese, slice of toast two salads for lunch and 113 . grams chicken dinner 170 grams of salmon steak, a small bowl of rice, a cup of boiled green peas 1 cup yogurt and dessert is 10 almonds

next day: breakfast two fried eggs (protein part only), a whole-wheat bread. lunch 113 g cheeseburger (only eat half the bread section), a small carrot. dinner 170 grams of grilled chicken breast, 1 cup of boiled cabbage, a salad ( use low-fat sauce) dessert is a cup of popcorn and 28 grams of low-fat cheese

Day: Breakfast 1 cup oatmeal (to go with skim milk), half-root banana lunch of shrimp salad, a cup of asparagus, 4 crackers Dinner 170 g steak with boiled mushrooms and onions, lettuce salad and low-fat sauces. dessert is 10 grapes and 28 grams of salty cheese.

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July 16th, 2014

Waterloo woman homesteads large collection of boutique diet

Diet Diet Diet everyone shout! Especially in summer approaching, losing weight has become almost unanimously goal I love nest is the old womans house a family home, even the doors are too lazy, faced growing up in the belly bulge, gotta come up with a solution, so began to study ways to lose weight at home. saying goes, there are lazy lazy approach. house women also have their own weight loss through without fitness, without dieting easy on the thinner, of course not so thin fast speed, impatient JMS estimates or rely on a healthy diet a lot of movement ….. but this method to maintain body weight loss success after effects on fine .

is natural to think of dieting to lose weight, I began to pick food from home Well I especially love to eat snacks, when the Internet can not help but eat a little chocolate, watching television could not help but soda , potato chips, crackers lot of old is said to be no restraint force, well, since not help, you can also find some snacks for weight loss which help it, basically, I also have a selection of snacks principle, to find what has small package of snacks, instead of a large package with a small package. small package, not only to reduce food intake, you will not be wasted. feeling after eating a bag, and then take a break, the package will not eat too much fear, fear of deterioration of the , feeling a waste to throw away, so they eat more of. then find low-calorie foods instead of high calorie. material with a healthy low-calorie foods instead of, not only reduces the heat, but also healthier. bought a lot of food after he can not help but want to taste, so do not ignore the placing of food, do not put food on your fingertips, and most easily accessible range of vision, reducing the number of utility. Why are so lazy, farther, will too lazy to pick up, it naturally eat it ……. ==

Related reading:!! Shot MM 100 pounds of meat becomes less beautiful bride the sun to lose weight: 23 pounds of lean fierce reading month < / P>

sun Weight Loss: Yoga makes me lean 50 pounds [Figure] 70 kinds of friends to try diet pills market reports

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July 16th, 2014

Want to be able to lose weight slimming products do not rub the door

After a long winter, expect graceful figure of the MM can not wait to take off in a heavy winter coat, while the belly and began to find ways to fight elephant legs, for those magical slimming, slimming products is occurring a strong interest in a little oil, can really wipe where thin where it?

slim baton shaping + compact dual effect of slimming products, so the city is increasingly becoming the new darling of womens boudoir. These products are also in the texture gradually become diversified, in addition to the common lotions, gels or creams, and other types of products, some brands have launched a very fresh spray, lightly spray water can take away the essence of the body excess toxins, containing more oily ingredients with silky skin effect.

want slimming, massage is the key

● slimming products but can not lose weight, slimming The main role is to accelerate product of combustion and excess body fat is consumed, so that F interstitial skin cells shrink, improve loose skin, excess discharge of toxins in the human body, which can by no means make the “weight loss” diet type products, and adequate way to help restore the body tight stunning body products.

So, slimming products is not a panacea. want to achieve your slimming dream, we must learn the following upgraded versions of these thin ! knowledge for the job myself

● thought slimming, massage is the key

want slimming, massage is the key step course, you need to pay attention to the following points: < / P>

1, the direction is generally applied to the heart to gather from the limbs, clear the meridians starting role; 2, massage techniques like kneading dough should like to press, press, kneading, pinching ways to deal with body fat; 3, you can use some sort of small plates massage tool, rub smear it over thighs and abdomen slimming products, the effect is significant Yo; 4, different levels of body fat each person, product regimen used is also different, so, at least To continue to use more than one month will see the effect of the beauty of the MM had better do more patience

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July 16th, 2014

Obesity is also a genetic
       <-! Hzhend ->. Mothers and fathers too short too fat, their children will grow up healthy poor, prone to heart disease, high blood pressure or diabetes and other deadly chronic diseases these children are underweight at birth, although often lighter, but will become more and more fat during growth. study completed by the British Institute of Child Health, the follow-up 7000 babies born in 1958, after they were born to know, 7 years old, 11 years old, 16 years old , 23 years old and 33 years old weight and health issues, found that babies born underweight, healthy people worse than others, prone to diabetes, hypertension and heart disease when they grow up, while the question of whether obesity because his father influence the next generation of health researchers believe that the father may not necessarily affect the next generation of obesity, because the most important thing is to train the child healthy living from small to big, not excessive eating, take more exercise, obesity, genetic factors, even the previous generation, but also the remedial measures. Moreover, due to the prevention of child obesity health problems occur, should be started when the mothers pregnancy, the mother avoid smoking and diet in the baby after birth, the parents do not mistake “BB chubby cute” and so Its overeating; weekdays to children more active in short, healthy eating and exercise habits should begin to cultivate baby Articles from –

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July 16th, 2014

Small s Tao PK wealthy wife slimming secret

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July 16th, 2014

Acupuncture can also lose weight slimming equipment

Complaints more than 100,000 people in various ways to lose weight without success, you are not one of them, there is now an instrument to lose weight, you have not tried?

Who does not want to standard weight, who do not want to buy clothes when facing their own body type to worry about obesity., but constantly dieting will only make your body too much, while the market safety and effectiveness of weight-loss products are usually people have concerns., but China Ancient direction has its own magic, and you know, where “acupuncture” can also lose weight.

But, after all, how acupuncture can make you be a little “physical pain,” Analog Electronics mechanical massage slimming machine, but did not have the effect of acupuncture acupuncture “painful, so long had it fixed number of adherents. a lot of people is directed at this point, frequented in this benevolent Kells Road fitness specialist shops.

only smoke one hour per day, 10 days a course of treatment, three course down, you can cut 3-25 pounds, but it is learned, not only do physical therapy just to lose weight, but mostly due to mechanical massage to bring static effect, merely that it can clear the spleen, lung, kidney health effects it is sufficient to attract many people, in addition to increased role in it.

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July 16th, 2014

Zero-starch diet recipes one week lost 4 pounds rapidly eating

starch is not the beauty of women selected ingredients, no more starch diet praised by everyone for being friends trying to lose weight, need no starch diet meals. Chinese slimming network Xiaobian prepared a one week Diet Menus , nutritionally adequate but without a trace of starch, low in calories and helps to inhibit fat, try this no starch Diet Menus one week, one week off will be able to lose 4 pounds, ultra rapid.

first day Total calories: 450 cards

breakfast: Aloe juice 500cc, boiled eggs

Lunch: Shrimp Jadeite Cabbage

Material: shrimp 60g, jade cabbage catty, Half cucumber, light soy sauce 1/2 teaspoon

practice: shrimp, jade cabbage, cucumber, add light soy sauce, add clear water to cook

Dinner: Steamed kiss Larvae loofah

material: loofah a kiss larvae 100g, ginger 1

practice: a loofah, plus ginger seasoning, cooking over low heat 10 minutes the fire . to Articles from –

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July 16th, 2014

Every day to eat the beans would like to lean on more lean

Lead: red beans are rich in vitamins B1, B2, protein and minerals, there is blood, urine, swelling, and promote the effectiveness of cardiac activation eat can prevent and treat swollen feet, weight loss effect of its stone. base ingredients can increase gastrointestinal motility and reduce constipation and promote urination, elimination of the heart or kidney disease caused by the swelling. edible beans to lose weight can make your thighs and waist slim curve very obvious effects. bean diet definitely have a way to let you in two within months, to reach concrete results 13 kg lean and thin around the waist and thighs is part

edible beans mad thin thighs and waist!! (Source: International Online)

edible beans mad thin thighs and waist

beans using concrete steps to lose weight:.

1 bought beans, also called is called bean, red bean, red bean, not the same in different places < / p>

2. soak beans, 24 hours

3. cooked red beans, the best casserole, but I use a pressure cooker, faster, better cooked into hummus, casserole is 2 half an hour, a pressure cooker for 10 minutes, then you can eat

Hong popular red bean diet. (Source: International Online)

Hong popular red bean diet

material : red beans 200 grams, five grams of dried tangerine peel, salt and a little

specific approach: first red beans soaked for half an hour, add the 500cc boil water and cook for about 30 minutes, put on the red beans cooked then turn off. peel macerated with hot water, until the flame red beans cooked, put the orange peel into the bean soup, cover boring ten minutes, add a little salt on it. daily after dinner drink, at least Eat two weeks

farewell bellies – Citrus red bean paste (Source: International Online).

farewell bellies – Citrus red sand

production: red bean bubble After the soft, steam cooked, add water and sugar boiled bean paste, and then filtered with a fine sieve Yuba, add chopped orange peel puree and cook ten minutes away. ponder sweet red bean paste into with a little scent of orange peel flavor

women: reduce abdominal fat accumulation, to help you say goodbye to belly

Herbal: red bean red bean that is, “Compendium of Materia Medica,” said their sexual down, can Go through the small intestine and diuresis swelling, while it has menstruation Tongru effect on female menstruation, lactating women milk poor access and effective. Additionally, Citrus has Huatanzhike help digestion. stopped for Sushi plot, indigestion have a good therapeutic effect

addition to red beans, mung beans are also summer detox diet clergyman Oh, you can skin it

glorious rejuvenation -. horseshoe green beans cool ( Source: International Online)

glorious rejuvenation – horseshoe green beans cool

production: Horseshoe peeled and chopped, add sugar, lemon soup boiled green beans cage steam cooked, add boiled into green bean, mung bean soup in the sand into the horseshoe to the hoof crushing grain, add a bit of crisp taste, taste sweet but not greasy

women: reduce acne, skin weight loss < / p>

Herbal: green beans Ganliang can detoxify solution Department swelling, eyesight buck, Liyan emollients, Quzhi liver chestnut (water chestnuts) are rich in dietary fiber, and sugar among the horseshoe. , protein, iron, calcium, phosphorus and vitamins A, B, B2, C, etc., more blood pressure lowering and anti-cancer effects. 100 gram amount of glycerol with green beans and mix thoroughly, apply moisturizers can also eliminate acne treatment and skin sores chapped.

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