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August 16th, 2014

too late to get up, do not have time, so I get tired of people buy a sweet bread in the bakery, get the office to eat; either buy a high-calorie muffins at McDonalds

instant oatmeal plus low-fat milk is a very convenient choice in makeup, dress can come in on a free. again with an apple or banana to the office, hungry to eat. physically get adequate nutrition,botanical slimming gel pills in health & personal care store, it will not stomach purring.

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Wrong diet concept
This is our

why you still do not understand how to lose weight? This is what we now want to know how to slim down or you do believe that you also understand this situation

1,botanical slimming gel pills in health & personal care store. bother eating Breakfast nutrition

high fiber crackers or milk is a good emergency supplements may temporarily Fill up etc. have time to eat lunch / dinner, and then eating nutritionally balanced meals deli.

busy busy busy! may delay your phone a guest to dinner time, there may be a boss to file the afternoon did not play well, so you had to sacrifice a lunch break in the office, and you want to buy a McDonalds or colleague just send back the bread for lunch and then the afternoon you will think, yeah, I did not eat at noon, then handed to colleagues biscuits, snack drawer you will all be swept into the mouth.

diet dieters need to know things can not get such a need, it is not what we need now, I believe you also understand this situation now ah!

3. Afternoon insufficient energy < / p>

3 Dian to 1.5 or 4:01, you feel lazy, no interest,botanical slimming gel pills in health & personal care store, feel the need to add some energy and some colleagues point to an aggregate outgoing food, youll sign. possession of a packet of nuts or a combination of fruit in a drawer or bag, and plan a few hours after eating a few mouthfuls of lunch, you can prevent the generation of hunger.

2. busy lunch time and had to skip lunch, just eat fast food. (some people are dinner)

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August 16th, 2014

More effective weight loss boarding ladder
       <-! Hzhend ->
climb the ladder to lose weight is through regular board stairs to consume excess body fat to achieve weight loss purposes of its method:

intermittent board. ladder method
The Act applies to beginners and obese persons body when to start practicing, the trainer can board three minutes stairs, break of 3 minutes and then, then climb the stairs three minutes, then rest for 3 minutes. later will boarding ladder gradually extended period of time, up to no more than 20 minutes each time,botanical slimming $5 tide coupon 2011, after a long time of exercise per day to 2 times a month once the weight measured to check the effect of exercise.

Cycle Gordon ladder method
This method is suitable for low floor, the less obese exercise training. obesity can be found up and down a flight of stairs repeated cycle of exercises, training methods, but also according to the principle of gradual and orderly progress, first workout short boarding ladder , gradually increase the length of time some boarding ladder workout. residential buildings for patients,botanical slimming $5 tide coupon 2011, if the floor is not too high, do not take the elevator up and down, their own board stairs without special time to exercise,botanical slimming $5 tide coupon 2011, you can achieve the purpose of weight loss.

Anti login stairs Act
The Law and backward walking exercise for the same reason. the Act for a period of time prior to the Second Law of exercise, obese patients have some basis and some of the lighter weight. their training method of hand Rotary stair railing, his back to the stairs, walk up the ladder board, each board a step, stop for a moment and then boarded the stairs, but only applies to patients with simple obesity. against obesity with hypertension, heart disease and a variety of chronic diseases should not be used; frail elderly patients should not be using

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August 16th, 2014

want to use this method friends can according to their own situation, their own mix, choose one method or the Journal said, according to the womans way in the morning yogurt with bamboo salt,botanical slimming $5 pizza, brown sugar yogurt noon, night yogurt plus skim milk

Closer to home, following the introduction of yogurt plus brown sugar, eat:

cup yogurt + bamboo salt 2g gram, breakfast food

this approach is in the magazines point of view, the best thing is that this drink is not diarrhea and more yogurt is also very good, write that the above bamboo salt is added yogurt in the morning, noon, yogurt, brown sugar, yogurt plus skim milk at night, one can also choose to use together, add brown sugar is relatively easy. < / P>

brown sugar has a diuretic effect, yogurt can promote digestion and intestinal bacteria, the body does not have any side effects. meals can eat a normal, successful people to lose 24 pounds, However, specific values ​​depend on personal physical and insisted

Good reputation cheap diet recipes: yogurt + brown sugar

cup yogurt + 2 g brown sugar Stir before or after dinner drink two to three times a day, very useful, good results can make stop motion yogurt stomach rest. Adjust your intestinal environment, after fasting burn fat more easily, to avoid feeling hyperacidity.

effect:! yogurt,botanical slimming $5 pizza, salt collapse constipation

said here yogurt with bamboo salt:.

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Yogurt and brown sugar are very nutritious, you can lose weight together, can be said to serve two purposes, said the reason for students, because these two things are very cheap and simple way, unlike other weight loss diet, you need to a lot of material things, but also pots and pans and the like, can be done only at home,botanical slimming $5 pizza, but there is no way the students in the school performed.

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August 16th, 2014

recommend the following exercises to maintain flexibility several states

dancing,nv bkt botanical keratin treatment, running, swimming, fitness – “I think this should be grateful to the family who sent me to learn to dance since childhood kind of high intensity exercise in particular, can temper people. willpower. childhood I particularly like running, swimming and fitness now frequented. “In the sweat and tears of immersion, this look like a thin girl with strong outsiders imagine.

like tango show as a back waist willow if you can keep exercising, even to the 50-year-old, like 25-year-old can have a soft body

do high intensity exercise:

15 set bedtime beauty parade waist soften: Do not underestimate a few minutes before going to bed, when the muscles in the most relaxed state, in motion mind also the most comfortable, with these few minutes, stretch your lower back and spine, not only to ease the days fatigue, thin waist and fiber on the back of it also has a good effect.

marathon + Fruit: < / p>

allow you 50 days minus 8 kg: It is said that the most simple and effective way to lose weight is running, and you want to go 40 minutes before an effective way to run correctly oh

Zhang Ziyi secret forever 49 kg
REVIEW: waited thin body is one of the types of men like, like Zhang Ziyi, she did not reveal too much of her weight loss experience, we have come to understand from her body for their own health infinite meet –

good fitness Body mentality:.

feminine dance movement Flexibility Curve:

dancer born Zhang Ziyi never had trouble losing weight, but added it into the line, she used to have once felt a little too thin, especially to foreign magazines slightly sexy cover shoot when, how many will want to own some of fullness again. “But after the film was out, everyone says Ziyi is really beautiful very sexy, I realized that, in fact, and sexy little body fat, thin, relationships,nv bkt botanical keratin treatment, and more from the inside comes out of a very personal temperament and now has different aesthetic, womens beauty more from your . confident, independent and strong “(Source: PConline Photography Department)

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Zhang Ziyi. many roles on the screen will require fists and feet, although not practiced martial arts, but because childhood dance skills, so she learn it more effective, one by one and looks very professional in order to maintain flexibility and a sense of power of the body,nv bkt botanical keratin treatment, She often went to the gym to do some sports equipment

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August 16th, 2014

Slim figure every 15 minutes

Tiantian Han sake of weight loss,aveda botanical kinetics lotion, fatigue accumulated frustration so you do not have time to focus more not what the gym is now quite popular in the United States have a simple aerobics,aveda botanical kinetics lotion, as long as you Favorite spend 15 minutes in bed,aveda botanical kinetics lotion, slim figure – no longer a dream

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August 16th, 2014

with “bruising” to describe people on diet pains, probably not too much, however, to date many dieters lose weight, usually caused by conditions “harsh” by dieters as a perilous and difficult long-term adherence. Reasons very simple, since people and belly “confrontational” belly also mercilessly and people to “make life difficult”, so many big belly slimming messenger will try every intolerable due to intestinal rumbling of hunger, so diet fall short.

Professor Martin method set: with carbohydrates instead of fat when you eat carbohydrates, such as When a piece of pure grain bread, a part of the bodys heat is in the process of digesting food is “friction” of. Such self consumption “thermal effect”, Professor Martin called “T factor”,botanical slimming soft gel meizitang, or called “thin factor.” < / P>

Application T factor diet, you only need to change eating high-fat foods low-fat foods to the diet of fat standard T coefficient method proposed by Professor Martin are: edible fats daily quota of women 20 to 40 grams, men 30 to 60 grams. within this limit, even though you “open belly” eat fat-free foods, such as grains, fruits, vegetables, etc., in order to satisfy their appetites, because part of the excess calories in digesting these foods are “self-consumption” Do not worry too much accumulation

diet dieters are most concerned about is how overly “wronged” belly so that you can consistently adhere to lose weight:. T factor diet to lose weight the advent of law for many obese people solve this problem,botanical slimming soft gel meizitang, this is the dieters Gospel.

T coefficient test results are observed:? a group of middle-aged women to eat under the Act, and the low-intensity physical exercise every day fighting for 5 minutes, 3 weeks before the average weight loss 3.2 kg per week, followed by reduction of 0.5 kg per week

“T factor” diet to lose weight

How weight loss diet

diet to lose weight in order to solve “their body skin hunger,” the pain of a not only eat but also a new weight loss diet weight loss surgery – T factor diet,botanical slimming soft gel meizitang, Wonder Perthes recently by the American Physiological University Education Investment Martin Catan “solemnly” launch

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August 16th, 2014

How obese patients that pay attention to their diet
As society continues to progress, peoples living standards improve, more and more obese patients, why would fat it? Mainly peoples living standards improve, the diet has changed from the original whole grains instead of refined grains now from the original wild bitter herbs into the meat and fish now, too much fat intake causing obesity Here are some suggestions to prevent obesity:..
1 Do not eat too fast, when youre hungry when you will devour when you eat all the food in front of you or not after satiety, which is mainly due to the consumption of your fast, no time to digest food in the stomach, so you will feel no eat,botanical slimming pills green, so remind everyone To slowly.
2. do not eat a big meal, and now due to various social reasons we are accustomed to eat a big meal under the hotel, is now the meal is meat and fish, rich in fats and oils These things are not easy for people to digest, but it also reduces the amount of exercise,botanical slimming pills green, excessive heat can not be promptly ate into consumption will make people fat accumulation in the body.
3. Drink plenty of water, metabolic needs water, excessive consumption of calories the body is to be completed by metabolism, drink plenty of water does not make people fat.
4. do not eat sugar, sugar is high-energy matter, if not too much sugar is consumed, then will be 5 to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and a lot of nutrients,botanical slimming pills green, eat more fruits and vegetables does not make the body fat in the body into fat accumulation.

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August 16th, 2014

do some stretching movements

not on the plane, these feelings will be more memorable. This flight operations, for your reference.

easy to fly than to take office, but boring with Canada, the scope of activities strictly limited. IF family summed up the long flight ride “bus” feeling:

flight temper one hundred twenty-three

< P>

Learn six-step weight loss with flight attendants flight operations
I envy the university called IF family. Those who frequently appeared in the newspapers of the International Fly populations,botanical slimming soft gel amazon, overall dress dressed, crossed over the major cities, just let us catch up. Gone a few years past, IF family becomes a little children are not fashionable, and the airport bus stop when the “trapeze” was shackles on the seat N hours, found himself on a landing stiff robot. not learn the recipe for flight operations, prolonged air turnover indeed let the body temper.

< / P>

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coffee drink on the plane tired, too tired of watching clouds outside the window, and fell on his neck almost stiff neck on the back, youll be bored to put on each page are carefully aviation magazine When you are finished reading restlessly back and forth in the cabin, flight attendants who will use sweet voice appease your emotions, but the effect is not very good, you too listen to this voice for too long; When you surprised to find that the whole body fatigue began into sore,botanical slimming soft gel amazon, Tai Tai arm felt some difficulty, just wanted to back down all the big lazy stretch waist; When you feel the skin severe water shortages, can be sensitive fingertips touched the face of fine lines, the go to the bathroom to look in the mirror, can not wait now added something moist spray bottle.

not sit long walk around easily swollen legs, knee and hip joints are fixed at an angle;. low back pain, which is a common problem sedentary, the entire spine become stiff, including the cervical spine;. shoulders heavy basically Hanxiong posture, breathing is not fun, hands very big movement occur, shoulder strapped

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August 16th, 2014

This thin layer of something to eat not fat,botanical slimming by meizitang, because it is almost fat-free anything, there is no energy

Nutritional Aspect

eating principles:

Nutritional Aspect

peanut fat content is higher, you should pay attention to intake, otherwise easily lead to obesity

2, seaweed

eating principles:

nuts are rich in linoleic acid composition, can help the brain blood flow; They are also rich in protein and vegetable oil belly “cuckoo” can eat when called. sedentary white-collar workers, it may be ready to peanuts,botanical slimming by meizitang, walnuts, almonds and other nuts. prolonged sitting at your desk, the likelihood of cardiovascular disease will be much higher, and often Eat walnuts and other nuts can greatly reduce the risk of disease

1, peanut

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OL essential nutrients are not fattening office snacks



nori (seaweed) contains a variety of vitamins and minerals,botanical slimming by meizitang, especially in the high iodine content, regular consumption can Prevent dark skin due to lack of iodine causes of hair drying and slow growth, and to reduce the accumulated fat in the body, but also the prevention of hypertension and coronary heart disease

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August 16th, 2014

fragrant hot corn / mashed potatoes / Honey Muffins: are healthy snacks, give me food on most children, remember that less butter, less juice is better

Eating out, we need to be smart food choices, otherwise it will sharpen attention recently fat fast food paper tray, unusual brilliant: Yoshinoya greatly appreciative only word which indicates a weekly healthiest beef and rice; McDonalds since launch “Since fresh mayonnaise election,” the paper tray has a good reverse big nutritional analysis; KFC big send “eating too light” Coupon, Open Air and nutritious value of a health craze List unabated between fast food shop. then there are the health package, but the nutritionist pointed out that the so-called “healthy choice” among many have health trap

(4) Yoshinoya is a good drink green tea, soy soup can be considered nutritious.

cup corn cob: Because butter itself can be painted, so I want to light would add less

healthy choice

hamburger: it is only 260 calories, 9 g total fat content is, to her belly fat food Drainage afraid

Food Health Tips tea

attention to the fine words, “we also pay attention to the fine under the word data is” not including salad dressings, “Caesar salad sauce, Thousand Island dressing, while making food more delicious, but it hides a lot of fat . “healthy food choice over package” Package Value for Money clip though large, but bag of chips, crispy potato, there are a few people know what fat, fried chicken packages are traps, select their own food certainly much better than the entire package called .

Fatty degree: ★ ★ ★ potatoes actually not fat, fat mess in the Drainage flavored mayonnaise mixed

Pork / Beef Beef Scones Scones

signature beef and rice

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fatty degrees:? ★ ★ ★ ★ John canal beef rice instantly saw the words: “No, ah, too much beef, I eat every meal is about 40 grams of meat (so little?) Yes, and not lean meat, and more meat and less vegetables, a. ! beef and rice balanced enough “

grilled Caesar wrap:! with crispy chicken, fresh lettuce, tomato slices and shredded cheese is made, just eat about 400 calories tan pieces

A:? “In fact, it is feasible, but be careful to match, such as McDonalds or KFC, you can buy a salad , choose more of a protein and carbohydrate-containing foods on OK, so there Sarkozy carbohydrates, protein and enough fiber. “and” unhealthy “foods mostly fat content is too high, eclipse will lead to high cholesterol, cardiac, vascular problems are so high in fatty foods microphone nutritionist at arms length with a smile:.?. “once in a can, but do not frantically big meal, so that the body no good at < / P>

Pork beef fattest

honey honey chicken wings

fatty degrees:. ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ sweet taste, each about 230 calories to pay the price, because the chicken Lei Shi

unhealthy classic fillet packs / Hotcakes: best selling fish fillets package, only 360 cards, but has 16 grams total fat content, because after frying fish fillets; Hotcakes coated with margarine, sprinkle with syrup, then intake of 580 calories, “There potato pie,botanical slimming pills stree overlord strong version, fried pork tenderloin, scrambled eggs morning full meal more fat, “

Clever eat food eat more lean

. Heat crisp whirlwind: “fresh hot baked way quite healthy,botanical slimming pills stree overlord strong version, but the portions are huge, almost 620 cards, colleagues Share food on OK, eat half of 300 cards are also acceptable.”

Yoshinoya beef bowl so heavy that sell fast food beef and rice. Yoshinoya sold ringing, very Japanese, the large bowl of meaty meal indeed attract a few professional nutritionists and point the Air

(1) high-sugar soft drinks, choose diet soda loaded, high sweetness but very little calories.

KFC. KFCs new chicken Lei Shi “Eating light” is listed, it attracted the attention of many people to lose weight and OL, but from a nutritional point of view to see, as many pitfalls.

(internship Editor: Zhang Liling)

all know Drainage mast flesh, nutritionists certainly not recommended, but “fresh mayonnaise choose” among, John believes many foods are “not so healthy . “(by: ★ The more representative of the more fatty, a maximum of five)

Garden Salad: Salad Although the low card, but be careful to choose the sauce, Thousand Island dressing only be counterproductive pick, balsamic vinegar juice is a healthy choice for

KFC healthy choice

Green Garden Salad: Although the low card, only 50 or so, but does not include sauces,botanical slimming pills stree overlord strong version, sauces want to drop health should light hand

fatty degree: ★ ★ ★ ★ pig Liu has 414 calories, beef scones on the 368, the fat content is 19 and 13 grams, respectively, John: “Sauvignon sauce, meat weight a lot, you try yourself Pork carry into the microwave bite block, stay out of the oil immediately. You said Kin unhealthy? “To eat scones can choose grilled chicken, but peeled, less juice than 408 calories off on the belly.

nutritionist:! special invitation Robinson devil in the details of this nutrient senior nutritionist center Huangrong Jun (John), as we carry a large fast-food deconstruction, he thinks the pursuit of a healthy diet is a good thing, but do not want falling into the snare caused by fat, to refer to its nutritional analysis package such as a heavy 250 grams, analysis refers to it contains only 200 calories per 100 grams is in fact possible to calculate, so look for the unit in what otherwise are ignorant to eat 500 calories addition, nutritionists recommend people never choose any fried food.

(2 ) 250ml cup of ready-made juices have almost 5-6 spoons of sugar, freshly squeezed orange juice would like to choose health.

bacon and egg burger: 290 calories only, there are eggs, 12 grams total fat content is, be nutritionally balanced

Gold Garden Salad

Q: If I patronize fast food every day, but nutritionists recommend that enough nutrition

Potato Salad Vegetables

If patronize fast food every day

(3) self-regulation syrup weight ratio has been reconstituted lemon tea lemon tea, honey Sydney Tea is much better.

fatty degree: ★ ★ ★