I lose weight not for love, but dignity

April 17th, 2014

I lose weight not for love, but dignity

boyfriend because I broke up with my body and this makes me really sad for a long period of time, that time in what people do not bother me, but I lost a lot of good things and I choose to stick with regular exercise But how in sports can play a multiplier effect? ​​professional slimming coach to provide you with two simple way to let you in one by one movement, burning more fat.

on the beach exercise

this consume more calories simple rule to remember: the more soft ground sports venues, the more calories consumed brisk walking or jogging on the beach, than doing the same movement on hard grounds. consume 20% -50% of calories if you tried stumbled on the beach ran some distance, you will know that doing exercise on the beach is not easy.

not lazy

exercise time should never send lazy, both in weight lifting, running, swimming, or karate, first you should define the purpose of the movement, first and foremost is to lose weight, so every movement can not be sloppy treat , scrupulously complete each step, to achieve the maximum effect in motion within a limited time.

sports psychology expert Dixie

the University of Texas. Shidanfusi say,Brazilian 7days slimming coffee, leg exercise when force is necessary to reduce the number of the waist, otherwise the leg muscles do not get exercise, but strained psoas; fitness instructor required range of motion, although I have to do what, but the best endeavor to whom, after all sports moves not by an individual have the final say, but often through rigorous scientific computing and analysis come, that is to ensure that each action to achieve the best results it should be achieved.

me Losing weight is not for love, but the dignity of my own breath in order to strive to achieve their dignity in me, looked at me and how old are ignorant and that was frustrating thing, and Im sure a lot of people have the same . feelings

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6 ways in which you want to lose several kilograms on several kilograms of lean

April 17th, 2014

6 ways in which you want to lose several kilograms on several kilograms of lean

lot of people are always complaining about losing weight is difficult, in fact, how to lose weight fast in time to reach an efficient weight loss goal is a common goal for many people, the following Diet Xiaobian going to share with you some of the ways to lose weight together Just in strict accordance with these methods to lose weight, you can make a short period to see significant results, then you should take a look at how to do it.

1 to give up fast food and junk food

must give up fast food and junk food (such as fried chicken and noodles), to develop not eat junk food. habit, if you can not stand the temptation of them, you empty your fridge and pantry, throw away all the junk food (junk food away from your favorite friends, at least in your diet this time), or to replace them with green tea fruit.

2. healthy diet

diet is the key to weight loss for all the work, if you eat every day, something is wrong, even if you insist on fitness every day, how much weight will not change Eat three healthy meals a day, salads, and some lean meat can maintain your normal metabolism,Lida Daidaihua, eat super foods (superfood).

3. maintaining work activities

after the Time can take a few less stops the bus, put on lightweight shoes walked home all day to work or stay home and watch TV all day, followed by dinner time to enter, so rest is the need to break the habit.

4. attempt wide range of movement

If you want to speed up the rate of weight loss, it implies the need to consume more calories, you can go to the gym for some intense workout, but Our advice is try several sports Mix together, such as running a 20-minute walk after 20 minutes ride a bicycle, then the elliptical machine or pilates and yoga. benefit of this approach is that you will be in a hour of exercise time as the body burn calories, help the body to lose weight.

5. in outdoor sports

allows you to keep the sport fun and novelty, so once a week for the move to outdoor sports, such as jumping rope, boxing, go jogging, go cycling or swimming, etc. This approach can exercise different muscles, but also make your exercise to maintain freshness.

6. formulate short-term weight loss plan

weight loss goals, we recommend you every two weeks to develop a small program is easy to reach, make it look relatively easy to reach, the completion stage After the target you will be more confident of their own.

Sports month, less belly does not rebound

April 16th, 2014

Sports month, less belly does not rebound

slender waist pretty women to accompany growth, how to become a sexy waistline bucket waist, autumn thin waist waist to pay attention to the Tuen oil well, the following is a group of small series Recommend autumn thin waist thin waist ! campaign, you also have to have a sexy waist waistline it is every womans dream, what method becomes waist beauty fitness experts within a month it has this conclusion:? relative to the leg, the thin waist and abdomen are the most likely to go on. waist most practical approach is to do the exercise, as long as the action in place, combined with diet control, one month can have a significant effect.

internal and external obliques turned practice:

1 left standing, lift the right foot, twisting his hands firmly holding the body, touch left elbow right knee.

about two alternating 20 times.

simple closed Abdominal Movement:

this movement is simple, but very effective, straight legs lying on the ground and then upgrade, replace, do not touch the ground, repeat 15 times

movement density. : 3-4 back daily, each time under 15

crunches practicing positive abs:

1 knees bent 60 degrees, with a pillow pad feet

2 right hand resting his left knee while lifting the body to the shoulders off the ground, 10 times, then changed hands again. . done 10 times

side abdominal breathing practice:

1 relax the body, with a lot of air sucked into the nose, then exhale slowly through your mouth, spit it out after about 7 percent,red meizitang original, and hold breathing.

2 shrink from the lower abdomen, gas rose to the top of the chest, abdomen and then muster the gas down to the abdomen.

3 gas that chest, down to the abdomen, and then slowly exhale slowly through your mouth, repeat 5 times, the two groups were doing.

Autumn trick to force the rejection of fat makes you fat away from your autumn

April 14th, 2014

Autumn trick to force the rejection of fat makes you fat away from your autumn

autumn weather is cool, the most suitable aerobic exercise to lose weight. following four powerful fat burning aerobic exercise can rejection of meat, and exercise, the body will be able to lean out the charming Oh.

< / p>

one, aerobics

aerobics exercise regardless of weather, regardless of location, will be able to easily maintain a constant training, we can choose one of their favorite aerobics like boxing or Latin exercises, the body with the rhythm of constant motion, can give us a good weight loss. hop aerobics and often also train our heart and lung function, allowing the body to become more soft and flexible , create the perfect body.

two, cycling training

Spinning is one of the most popular sports in the gym project, we can put on headphones, listening to rhythm super music fast do stampede action soon sweat, body heat is quickly burning. indoor sports if you do not like it, you can choose a suitable mountain bike ride to the outskirts relax.

three, brisk walking

If you feel yourself running too much, it is hard to stick to it, then choose brisk walking is the best way to lose weight, it is very moderate intensity exercise for people of all ages to practice , insist on a fixed daily walk a few meters, you can get a good slimming effect in a very short time. appropriate transformation walking speed can strengthen the bodys blood circulation.

four, skipping

skipping is also a very convenient and effective exercise to lose weight, we just need a little space to complete the training. many professional athletes are always insisted on this practice, because it can be very effective training to the bodys muscles. skipping practice we should pay attention to the process of maintaining the breathing frequency, so that we can achieve the best fat burning effect.

Blood loss diet, eat a good figure 4 buffet

April 13th, 2014

Blood loss diet, eat a good figure 4 buffet

Lead: Scientists study found that only eat blood needs to fit “lectin” food and be conducive to digestion and thus bring physical and emotional energy in a positive current invited Shanghai. Barbie Restaurant Chef Tessa blood of people for a variety of elaborate buffet of delicious nutritionally balanced, so youre like Barbie as strong and tall thin!

A blood type: sweet potato salad

sweet magic slimming lose weight because after its cooked, some starch changes, and raw food phase more than 40% increase dietary fiber, can effectively stimulate the intestinal peristalsis and promote defecation, in addition, sweet potato dietary fiber and pectin also have to stop sugar into fat special features. Additionally, the heat only rice 1 sweet potato / 3 less calories after cold, want to lose weight blood type A person may appetite, enjoy delicious


sweet potatoes, mangoes, peanuts, peppers, sweet onion, parsley


1 potato, peeled mango planing Chengding like spare (about 3 sweet potatoes, a proportion of mango); the sweet peppers and. Shred onion.

2. material after step 1 a plate topped with olive oil, lime juice, then sprinkle with cinnamon, cumin powder, cardamom powder, into the oven.

3. food tray out of the oven after natural cooling after stirring gently, so that the temperature uniformity.

4. sprinkle with peanuts, and finally put parsley garnish.

Xiaobian reminder:.

1 must be steamed cooked sweet potato, sweet potato because the starch in the cell membrane without heat damage, it will be difficult to digest

2 order. prevent bloating, can be a small amount of salt water will soak sweet potatoes for 10 minutes, then rinse twice cooked before eating.

DIY herbal tea, make your day a pound of lean

April 13th, 2014

DIY herbal tea, make your day a pound of lean

diet and exercise to lose weight not only to combine some auxiliary diet can achieve a good weight-loss results, Diet Xiaobian below should introduce to you several DIY herbal tea help you lose weight quickly reach The purpose, then take a look at how to make it.

hawthorn tea Huaihua

material: Hawthorn 37 grams, SJ 8 g

practice: slightly herbal rinse with water, add 1500cc water boil, turn a small fire and cook for 10 minutes, morning and evening drinking .

function: fitness obesity and excessive body fat by drinking, hawthorn can do qi and blood circulation, lower blood fats, blood activating the role of Huaihua there

small reminder: day drinking amount not to exceed 1500cc who have stomach ulcers or hyperacidity is not recommended to drink

Alisma tea

material: Alisma 12 grams, Astragalus 19 grams

< p> practice: slightly herbal rinse with water, add about 1500cc of water to the boil, turn a small fire and cook for 10 minutes, morning and evening drinking

function: Obesity and easy to fit edema or leg swelling sense of who drink

small reminder: One day to drink and stay up late the amount of not more than 1500cc not recommended for drinking, kidney bad people can be about 12 grams instead of Angelica Alismataceae

honey Cassia tea

materials: raw or cooked Cassia 37 grams, honey

practice: the herbal rinse with a little water, add water to the fire 1500cc After the boil, turn a small fire and cook for 10 minutes, morning and evening drinking

function: suitable for constipation, obesity, and there are dry mouth, dry hard stool intractable human consumption

small reminder: before and after meals can drink a day, the amount should not exceed 1500cc

aescinate gall tea

material: seven leaf gall 12 grams

practice: a little tea rinse with water, add hot water to drink brew 1500cc

function: aescinate bile that Gynostemma has cool complement strong, the effect of mediation and lipid metabolism disorders improved functionality, to lowering weight and improving bad breath

small reminder: One day the amount of not more than 1500cc easy drinking diarrhea and menstrual periods do not recommend drinking

lotus grapefruit Paper tea

Material: 750 grams of dried lotus leaf, a small amount of fresh grapefruit peel

practice: slightly herbal rinse with water, add 1500cc water boil, turn a small fire continued to cook 10 minutes, filtered herbs, sprinkle grapefruit peel drinking

function: the leaves are refreshing, diuresis herbs, grapefruit peel oil aroma of the leather appetite suppressant effect

small. Reminder: Do not exceed the amount of the day drinking 1500cc dialysis, cardiovascular disease and other chronic illnesses do not recommend drinking

red bean tea

material: red bean about 12 grams, the amount of tea

practices: red bean, rinse with a little water, add 1500cc water boil, turn a small fire and cook for 10 minutes, turn off the heat into the tea simmer 3 to 5 minutes to drink, red bean can also eat together.

function: for obesity and cold, people with diarrhea, red bean has good blood circulation, diuretic, detoxifying function

small reminder: Do not exceed the amount of the day drinking 1500cc

experts say

students cassia soft stools best results

severe constipation, can be boiled raw cassia tea, soft then the effect will be better than cooked cassia addition, do not want to fat people should also be controlled with diet and normal daily routine.

Urgent thin seven kilograms, ten lunch recipes

April 13th, 2014

Urgent thin seven kilograms, ten lunch recipes

provided below 10 days to lose weight lunch alone, vegetables and fruits, supplemented by essential proteins and vitamins, while ensuring basic nutrition, you can reach to clean the stomach, eliminate toxins cosmetic effect, but also can effectively reduce the weight of 3 to 7 kg

Day 1-3

Lunch:! boiled vegetables or a salad bowl, use vinegar and salt to taste, do not add high-calorie salad dressing. lunch and then select any of the following combinations.

1-2 bowl of thin soup (can be pork, carrot soup soups less oil)

pork radish soup DIY:


Chen Piga the water into the pot, stir to boil, then put all the ingredients, then boil low heat after about three hours to burn .

1-2 bowl of thin porridge (such as barley porridge, porridge, lotus leaf porridge, barley porridge can effectively eliminate edema; porridge can promote digestion; lotus leaf congee with obesity .)

can eat lunch

example multivitamin to supplement the lack of vitamins and trace elements

Afternoon Tea: Maybe you go to the afternoon hungry dizziness, and this time you can eat 2 high-fiber crackers with a cup of low-calorie skim milk (or unsweetened soy milk), so you can immediately aroused. put slimming course stick it!

Day 4 ~ 7 < / P>

Day 8 ~ 10

Lunch: boiled vegetables and a light salad bowl or 1 (still not Jiasha La sauce oh ~), then Choose any one of the following foods:

a bowl of thin soup (can be pork, carrot soup soups less oil)

a bowl of thin porridge (such as barley porridge, cereal, . lotus porridge, barley porridge can effectively eliminate edema; porridge can promote digestion; lotus leaf congee with obesity)

thin porridge popular recommendation:

After lunch

Please comply with vitamin supplements.

the hungry in the afternoon can drink skim milk (or unsweetened soy milk 1 cup), soda crackers 1 to 3, you can also eat 1 to 2 jelly, of course, pay attention to its sugar content than menus to 10 days for a loop, you can stick with until you reach the ideal weight, such as discomfort, please stop using; .. If you want to lose weight more than 10 kg, please consult a professional doctor .

Devil-style diet, losing weight will be in the end

April 13th, 2014

Devil-style diet, losing weight will be in the end

company today held a climbing game, I won first place, but it is reciprocal, and not for anything else, because I was obese patients. A fat fee than others makes me half the effort to went to the top of the hill. saw lean marching vigorous pace, I envy.

hilltop me gasping sigh have strong build body is a wonderful thing. later down the mountain, I made a decision, no matter what the cost, I have to lose weight in the end, I can not let this one fat, ruined my future away.

says it will do, from the beginning of the evening, I had the devil-style weight loss methods, will usually eat snacks filled with a table, do not think I was going to eat them, I just kill them with his eyes in my thoughts. popcorn, puffed food, so I covered the body fat is the culprit. staring at it, the smell of the fragrance, I popcorn hard to think of the devil to destroy My good wishes of the devil, I hate you, I do not want to see you for a lifetime, I kept repeating, straining to be brainwashed.

After I finished curse snack table, I found these snacks . really are unforgivable culprit, seeing them as I saw the devil scared the first step in weight loss success

The next day, I began to lose weight to perform the second step – - .. morning exercise is due to the causes of obesity, most people do not love me up early, very Snooze, mainly his flesh should get plenty of rest, however, starting today, and I said goodbye to snooze You also made me become obese patients a second culprit. warm morning sun, I enjoy jogging in the park on the road, feeling the natural charm of the original such a wonderful life.

third Step – diet, watching his mother would dish a dish of delicious meals on the table, my mouth water, but I know I have to overcome, or obesity never away from me I will usually eat deliberate. replaced by a smaller bowl, also replaced the spoon chopsticks, not for anything else, just to when to eat, let me eat less. effect is obvious, when I chopsticks, mouthful of rice, gradually solved End After a small bowl, I found that I had enough, this is my usual one-third of the amount ah this time the excitement difficult words.

evening, I was so excited the night, I can already see yourself after weight loss success of strong physique. every day so long as I will be in the end lose weight, obesity will roll away from me.

Broke up with him, fulfilled my dream to lose weight

April 13th, 2014

Broke up with him, fulfilled my dream to lose weight

He and I are from junior high to high school in the same school to read the book, we have been good friends, mutual concern and care for one another, probably because still young, and did not want to put each others feelings so complicated, and later he went to the army, and I chose a technical school, we formally exchanges because I love food, so I chose a professional chef, is this love can be problems, but it became my He broke the culprit.

That was the first year after I graduated He came back from the army demobilized, took me to meet his parents, but that the meeting was not happy, hes a good family background, and his mother is a very picky person, see my first glance, they told me lessons, tone slightly unhappy, after all, is the first time to meet the parents, although she is not happy, had greeted noon I went to the kitchen to help cook, but overheard his mother said to him: “The girls all special attention to maintenance, are slim stature No, youre not find a wife, how to choose a body so bloated, you quickly let her leave, I am not satisfied. “I heard here, also Annai live in the hearts of arouse anger, picked up the bag, stormed away without looking back, I did not hear what his mother said, I should act angered her, and he did not chase me out of my knew he was a dutiful son, perhaps the words of his mother influenced him!

In fact, before he jokingly said to me, told me to lose weight, but I did not care, I did not expect but now because of this reason, Let us broke and I cried for the first time feel so wronged, then he called me and said he would convince his mother, I do not want to be suspicious, then we have no contact for a week, every day I Tea is not thinking, Rice did not want, even in peacetime favorite snack, I too busy eating all day staring at the phone silly, I hope he can take the initiative to call me, but just wait until a time of disappointment. also in those days, I lost 10 kilograms whole, which is probably unintentional positive outcomes it! after

one week he gave me a phone call, said his mother still does not agree, listen to his voice, I We know that impossible.

Since it is a nice man, since it is such a focus on the appearance of a man, Why should I go to nostalgia, in the season of rain have no quarrel, no tears, each gone in a different direction.

10 habits, pack your Jan. 10 pounds thinner

April 13th, 2014

10 habits, pack your Jan. 10 pounds thinner

Many people think to lose weight is a very difficult thing, do not know how to start, keep the following Diet Xiaobian we recommend several good ways, as long as the daily life can insist that shortly You can see a very noticeable effect Oh, heres a look Xiaobian recommend it to everyone around the clock to lose weight programs to help you lose weight quickly achieve the purpose.

< p style = "text-align: center">

1, bath

bath shower better than to keep a good figure, shower water more urgent connections between cells in the tissue being torn, or even rupture. To keep your skin active and fit body, daily warm bath is a good way, but also You can throw a bathtub pack two bags of green tea, catechins which can help you improve fat metabolism.

2, the morning drink

31 morn, morning The first cup of water is particularly important in particular it can help the human body to add moisture and prevent constipation, stomach erosion, awake brain, beauty and so many benefits, but also helps in blood circulation, but also help the body expel toxins, nourish the skin, so the skin freshness, of course you can choose appropriate Whitewater add honey, but also small mouth to drink, oh.

3, sitting right

habits, our physique naturally will be very beautiful.

4, let the shoulders relax sport

stand up every once in Events, twisting twisting the body, this action can also be doing the following , let your shoulders a little easier. sitting on a chair, put his left hand on hip pad below the upper body straight, stretch the upper trapezius muscle is tight, then placed his right hand above the left ear from scratch on top of bypass Gently pull the head to the right after the exercise is completed for the other side

5, morning exercise

exercise every morning, it takes only five minutes, we can achieve good results in weight loss. in bed doing a little stretching exercises, it can help you relax your muscles and make your blood flow more smoothly. these movements can make feel comfortable, better start a new day .

6, do not let the body cold

face scorching weather, many people like greedy cool, in fact, this is undesirable. particularly vulnerable vasodilation in the hot season, if rinse with cold water, it may cause abnormal intracranial vascular function. summer temperatures close to body temperature, the body to sweat evaporation cooling mode dominated by heat to heat removal method is relatively good health.

7, the normal three meals a day

weight will naturally become normal.

8, diet with vegetables

Everyone knows vegetables contain a variety of vitamins the body is extremely important, and most importantly it can neutralize stomach acid, typically vegetables and fruits are alkaline foods, and general high-protein foods are Acidic foods, eat more vegetables help maintain body acid-base balance not only make good body, the skin will water of tender.

9, do not open air sleeping

air conditioning to sleep easily lead to colds. and in air-conditioned rooms, people are recessive evaporation of water causes the body to have water, so the air-conditioned room, water is essential. open air when the air does not flow, it is recommended once a day, morning and evening we opened the doors and windows ventilation.

10, stretching the muscles

each joint of our body are full of tension, every fiber of our muscles are very flexible You Are Smart joints, your muscles are not slender, this all depends on whether you regular stretching. stretching exercise is very beneficial to the accumulation of fat consumption, reduce fat, while the muscles thin, short, to want a beautiful slender lines, it often stretch your muscles it.