Leverage your Direct Sales efforts to Populate your Partner Channel (1-minute read)


    totd-3dAn effective and measured technique we’ve used to populate the vendor’s Partner Community is to inquire from warm direct sales prospects if they have a preferred local solution provider they would like to recommend as a sales partner for the vendor.

    The recommended VAR would be invited to participate in the closing sales cycle, post sales set-up, training, implementation and support. We would stipulate that they participate in all program requirements going forward to qualify for future marketing support, favorable margins and pre-qualified leads.

    The appealing advantage to the prospective customer is knowing that their ongoing support, and future upgrades, continues to come from their preferred and trusted solution provider.

    Less finger pointing makes everybody happy!

    The new Partner would receive Technical and Sales Certification as a result of their successful participation in the process and a new positive-outlook sales team is formed in the course of business.

    Beyond the obvious benefits, a secondary marketing and partner prospecting opportunity occurs when we write a Press Release announcing the Trifecta Win – The Vendor (Product), the satisfied Customer and the Partner. Touting a 3-way win is a fantastic tool for recruiting new partners in the future because they will see evidence of the Vendor’s commitment to their partner channel.

    When seeking new qualified VARs, Solution Providers and Consulting Referral Agents think unconventionally, think about what “they” want in a future business partner…and, be that.


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