The VAR-Kit is a flexible Channel entry offering designed for budget sensitive vendors with plans of establishing a reseller program and the vision to seek expert assistance to avoid the common and hidden obstacles.

Power through the most difficult and crucial Channel development times with the confidence that your expectations are valid and your goals can be reached.

This two-week high energy channel experience is our number one requested and most recommended professional services offering.

The VAR Kit comes in two editions:

  • Channel Manager’s Accelerated Training Course – This version of the VAR-Kit focuses on the individual’s (or team – up to 2) Channel development based on your products, culture and services.  Your team will receive the equivalency of 3-5 years of Channel management, partner development, on-boarding skills, problem resolution and many other tips, tricks and techniques to achieve maximum expertise and partner management skills in an accelerated channels immersion course.
  • Channel Development Crash Course – This version of the VAR-Kit targets the program components, management and process workflows, prospecting, recruiting, sales and marketing.  We explore your current program and fine tune for peak performance.  The VAR Kit is not simply a series of training sessions with supportive collateral – we will tackle your partnership related issues and work them through conclusion.
    • An optional 3 or 6 month tail of continued support is also available at a highly discounted rate.

Here are some examples of the areas we explore and work on during the course of the engagement:

  • Learn how to identify your ideal partner types and the benefits of a multi-segmented channel to craft an entire channel eco-system that fits your product, budget and culture.
  • Identify your product and programs “Business Value Proposition” and how to succinctly deliver this critical information during the difficult recruiting process.
  • Establish an accelerated on-boarding process that increases partner success and reduces time to revenue. .
  • Partner Program Guide and tactical VAR business plan template (20 pages +) w/sample data.
  • VAR Sales and Marketing Bus. Plan – Channel Manager’s version w/sample data (3 pages)
  • Additional documents and PowerPoint VAR Program training material from hours of online SoftwareCEO Software University webinars.

NOTE:  This is not a generic Channels training course – THIS COURSE is designed around your organization’s needs and resources.


Dial 972 800 2434 or email with any additional questions you may have.