VAR Prospecting PRO is a service we’ve been delivering for years as an included component of our other featured solutions.  However, it was not available as a stand-alone service…until now!

Today you can experience a new dimension of VAR recruiting and partner acquisition with VAR Prospecting PRO.  Lead entirely by senior Channel veterans who will confidently present your program, business value proposition, products and services with impeccable professionalism.

If you fall into any of these categories it’s probably worth a few minutes of your time to give us a call:

  • New Channel and you need to add good qualified partners
  • Old Channel that needs to be reinvigorated
  • VAR related event scheduling
    • Partner Prospecting Webinar
    • Product Showcase and Trade Show Participation

Service Includes:

  • Program Check-up
    • A Channel validation service to uncover any barriers to recruitment with fix-it recommendations and support
  • VAR Prospecting Database
    • Full access to our groomed partner recruiting database and no-cost database building service for acquisition of new prospect data based on unique profile requirements
  • Full access to “your” prospecting database
    • Your own log-in and freedom to review the status of our efforts at any time (7×24) – you will also receive daily/weekly activities reports.  Custom reporting also available
  • Senior Channel Personnel
    • Your account will be managed by an experienced Channel Account Manager with no less than 10 years’ active involvement in executive partner management.
      • Your assigned account manager will work with your team and ours to understand and deliver your program’s value proposition in a finely crafted prospecting message.
  • Partner Landing Page design and other prospecting collateral
    • We will fine tune your existing Partner Landing Page and prospecting documentation; and, for a small fee we can create all required documents, landing pages and presentation from scratch.

3-month, 6-month and 1-year engagements are available.

Are you Channel ready?  Have you taken all the initial steps towards successful Channledom?  If you’re not sure; and, maybe even if you are – you can find out where you stand by taking our Channels Readiness Quiz conveniently located in our Downloads Locker.

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