The ChannelBuilder Elite program is designed to create and execute your winning Channel development game plan in 90-days.

We’ll identify the key partner players, establish and document the recruiting message, initiate the recruiting process and assist with new partner training and growth with our proven onboarding process.

Your winning game plan will be delivered in a comprehensive Partner Program Guide that identifies every element of your strategic initiative and tactical deployment activities. All contingencies and responses are considered, addressed and documented.

Your new Channel will be designed around your product and team members’ strengths. We will evaluate your competition and construct a workable game plan based on “Best Channels Business Practices” and your ability to execute with existing resources and budget. Our talented veterans are ready to come off the bench and fill any position.

Stage One: Channel Creation – ChannelBuilder Elite

During this phase we construct an exemplary Channel plan that evolves from concept to reality. We take great pride in this process, and our team approach provides extensive technological experience along with sales and marketing support that delivers a compelling “Business Value Proposition”, and new partner prospects. An often overlooked aspect of the Channel lifecycle because of its lack of generating revenue, it is the solid foundation in which your channel growth is anchored.

Stage Two: Channel Growth and Nurturing

Putting the game plan to work! After your Channel is constructed the focus moves towards ongoing partner recruitment and channel management. Deploy your own well trained Channel staff or make the call for Team VAR-City to apply additional coverage.

Why Choose The VAR-City?

We have joined an entire service and product offering into one all-inclusive package designed to expedite the channel process.

Here is a sample of what you get when you choose Channel Builder Elite:

  • Pre-entry Marketplace Research and Analysis
  • Competitive Research and Analysis (Program Comparison)
  • VAR Authorization and Certification Program
  • Creation of your onboarding process
  • Existing Partner Study and Targeted Surveys
  • Comprehensive Partner Program Guide
  • Business Plan Development
  • MDF and Co-Op Program Guide
  • Staffing and Hiring Assistance
  • Channel Sales and Management Training
  • Prospecting and Qualification Skills Training
  • Customized Contracts and Agreements
  • Customized VAR Prospect Lists