Here are a couple of Partner Prospecting Hacks to get more partners…faster! (2-minute read)


    totd-3dIf you think of using “New Partner Announcement” Press Releases as a prospecting and recruitment tool – taking it one productive step beyond an SEO compounder – you can increase signings and shorten recruitment cycle by following these 5 Simple Tips.

    Let’s take a look at how we do that.

    1. Write and publish a Press Release announcing and describing your new Partner Program.

    2.  With each new signed Partner create a separate PR avoiding the temptation of making the PR about you or your product(s). You can always write a separate Press Release to promote your company, products and services.

    With this Press Release you’re showing VAR executives your readiness to share the stage and spotlight them and their expertise from day-1.  Prospective VARs will see this and look forward to the same “red carpet” treatment.

    Include content that identifies the new partner’s expertise and touts their proven success.  Add an enthusiastic quote from your CEO about how well their business model and expertise match up with your organization and the new partner program (see #1 above).  Ask for, or write for their approval, a reciprocal quote from their Chief Executive.  Encourage them to write a Press Release of their own and post to their website, and wire service.

    3. To save wire service costs and emphasize your program’s desirability, it’s Ok to include several new partners on one PR, but not preferred.  On the upside, a PR identifying multiple new partners can suggest high enthusiasm and draw in more prospects.  Get a brief quote from each about the business value of the new partnership – include some reference to your program’s affinity to their business model and complementary product solution set. Your company’s quote should build on recognizing the value of the partnership.

    4. Publish PR on your website and post to leading news wire service for SEO kicker and Google content indexing.

    5. Add a line at end of content (above boilerplate) extending an invitation to any VAR executive, who may be reading the Press Release, to contact you and explore a business partnership.

    • “If your organization is interested in joining our exciting new partner community contact…..”

    The accumulated PR’s on your website will build a welcoming invitation to other VAR prospects seeking long term and profitable partnerships.

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