Maximize your VAR Partner Prospecting by following the Channel Seasons


    Searching for qualified partners can occur at any time of the year; but, finding good partners ready to sign your contract is more seasonal than you know.

    Partners are more inclined to sign up with a new vendor during Q1 of each year for two specific reasons:

    1. It’s a common practice for vendors to squeeze their contract periods into 1 or 2 annual opportunity windows to reduce their contract management overhead. By having all partner contracts renew during the same time period the vendor also simplifies the roll-out of new programs as well as perform the mass culling of unproductive partners.
    2. For most resellers and vendors their annual budget period runs through the end of Q4 and often lags into Q1. Resellers and vendors alike, are aligning their budgets with their coming year business plans and, in the case of many resellers, they have jettisoned the failed vendor partners while actively seeking product replacements.

    Additionally, resellers are fast to adapt to new technologies and circumstances. Strategically they will be ready to look at new solutions they can add to their product suite as well as find complimentary solutions to stack alongside their leading vendor partners.

    So, this is The Season to be looking for and signing your new partners and get them moving through your sales and technical on-boarding process as quickly as possible. Because, just around the calendar corner are the annual Summer Sales Doldrums when activity drops off noticeably before picking up going into the Q4 rush.

    If you need help creating and documenting your partner program, writing a new one from scratch or turbo boosting your partner recruiting efforts – drop us a line or give us a call at The VAR-City.



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