Before setting off on your maiden voyage you can double check your calculations and channel readiness with our scoreable self-analysis quiz.

    Historically, reseller programs have a better than 60% failure rate – measured against self-sustaining profitability in the first year.

    In more than half of the failed cases the effort was doomed from the beginning and no amount of preparation or experience would have delivered a different outcome.

    There was zero Channel viability based on a variety of product aspects; and, all of the time they invested, resources and revenue became non-recoverable costs.  If only they had known that before they let the Channel siren-song lure them into cash flow dead zone.

    Our 21-question Channel Readiness Quiz would have stopped them before they started and listed the respective weaknesses with a full explanation.  The quiz comes with an answer card (.xls) and totals the quiz takers responses to measure and report on their level of Channel viability and preparedness.

    We invite you to retrieve the two-part Channels Readiness Quiz from our download locker at The VAR-City and send us your completed score card for a free one-on-one analysis of your product(s) and program.

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