It’s That Time of the Year and Resellers are About to Reshuffle Their Vendor Deck (1-minute read)



    As 2017 Business Plans are penned and approved you can bet that Resellers are culling their vendor herd making room to embrace new trending technologies in pursuit of new business opportunities.

    Unproductive, time and resource wasting, vendors are on the chopping block. Emerging technologies and complimentary vendors are queuing up like beauty contestants vying for a chance to be picked.

    If you’re building your new Partner Channel and planning on joining the preferred vendor competition here are a couple of tips to improve your chances:

    • Hit the ground running the first weeks of January and February – Get in front of the hopefuls line with a memorable talent segment. Partners actively seeking and screening new vendor relationships are pragmatic and decisive – be prepared, or be left behind.
    • Differentiate! Of course you know the value of differentiating your products; but, it’s time you learned how to differentiate your company, your partnership philosophy and – most of all – your program and prospecting pitch. Focus on the long-term value message of becoming a business partner with your stable and mature company, how they will grow their incremental (non-cannibalized) revenue stream, acquire new customers and upsell into existing customer base. Avoid opening your prospecting cold call telling them about all the wonderful bells and whistles – the prospective new partner executive will generally assume these things and will appreciate that you are offering them a chance to grow their business with you and not just pushing their ‘wares.

    The product centric pitch is the most common deal-breaking mistake a new channel wannabe can make. Save that for the pre-contract demo close

    Worthy Solution Providers are in business to grow their business and this is your chance to show them you understand that.

    Be more than your products and you will be noticed.

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