Smaller investment for faster and greater productivity!

In any economy it’s wise to only pay for what you need – our programs are designed to give you just what you need, when, where and how you need it.

If you are already well on your way and only need an expert’s oversight and input a few hours a week or month – try our Channel Maintenance program, it’s the perfect solution for those who need an expert on-call and right now!

Need a quick start guided and implemented by a 30 year Channels veteran?  You should find our VAR-Kit will deliver all the cash saving advantages of “Channels-on-Demand” with a heavy dose of practical training.  The VAR-Kit two week engagement isn’t enough – you want more time?  No problem – add a 3 month or or 6 month extension at more than half off our standard pricing.

Here are just a few comments we’ve enjoyed receiving from our many satisfied customers…

“At the outset, I have only good things to say about Ken. Not only is he adept at what he does, but he also has a keen intuitive sense when dealing with people. His people skills are outstanding, such that he conveys his assertiveness without being intrusive.

As a law professor, I have the opportunity to interact with people at all levels, from students to government dignitaries. In my experience, very few people show the savvy business sense that Ken shows. Suffice it to say that I have no hesitation in recommending Ken.”

Sam Han, Founder and Secretary, ExhibitView Solutions, LLC

“Our company, which needed outside expertise on how to best work with various resellers, decided to try out Ken’s introductory offer, ‘The VAR-Kit’.  I was a bit skeptical at first, as similar kinds of trial programs with a few other consultants have been disappointing; but, I could not possibly have been more impressed with this one. 

Ken went out of his way to be of service to us, so much so that I wondered how he could possibly provide so much information up front for so little. money.  This is a very wise person who knows his subject matter inside and out and obviously understands the importance of putting the customer first.  I will not hesitate to hire him again for future endeavors if/when the need arises”.  

Allan Mayer, CEO, Essential Security Software

 “Ken’s one of a handful of honest-to-goodness experts you’ll meet in a lifetime.  Many claim to be experts in the channel, but when you peek under the covers, their claims are unsubstantiated.  Ken’s been living in the channel world for > 25 years.  He knows the ins and outs like nobody’s business.  He’s got the connections and influence.  And he’s a no-nonsense, business-savvy man who’s an absolute pleasure to work with.  Grab him if you can get him.”

Sue Anderson, Director, Software Solutions, CompTIA and eVoice Owner

“With the help of Ken Beam, The VAR-City and their VAR-Kit offer, we have successfully launched our partner network.  He has provided us with the necessary tools that will enable us to reach our short term and long term goals as an organization.”

Mark Lawrence, Partner Network Manager, MySmartSimulaiton, Inc.

“Ken is a strong, no nonsense sales and marketing professional with experience in all aspects of channel creation, marketing, infrastructure and development. I had the opportunity to have worked with Ken and his Var Kit (which is a two week training session available at a very low cost) and he continually exceeded my expectations as a strong marketing individual, but also a detailed consultant who helps companies implement channel programs based on the resources available and regardless of their size.

Ken has deep knowledge of many existing channel programs in the marketplace today and can bring a special direct and honest perspective to the organization with whom he is working. His talent also lies in looking at a company’s channel products and he is able to effectively position them in multiple market segments and usage models while also creatively approaching new segments that may be under served or emerging. Ken is the guy you want if your company has a channel program regardless of what stage it is in.”

Dave McCutcheon, Director of Channel Sales, Open-e Systems

“Ken is a true professional and has strategic insights.  He has a great ability to clearly convey his knowledge to others.  He is a master of his craft.  He never loses sight of the big picture.  Ken ranks up there with the best.  He would be a tremendous asset to any organization”.

Cynthia Goco-Nakar, VP. Business Development, Synactive

“Ken is an individual who is to the point and who uses common sense in his dealings with a company.  His direct approach is simple, compelling and most importantly, it is one which makes sense and gets the job done!  His knowledge of the Channel Sales environment is like no other and he will do a great job putting your company on the right Channel path.”  

Enrique “Rick” Arroyave, Director, Sales Engineering, Q.Know Technologies