KenFor more than a decade The VAR-City has lead the way to evolutionary changes in how Channel programs are designed and partner communities are nurtured for growth, success and loyalty.

We’re proud of what we know and we’re eager to share it through our dynamic content website, blogs, tweets and many group venues we lead or participate in.

The standards-setting VAR-Kit continues to be our most popular offering and ChannelBuilder Elite remains the number one program for organizations seeking a ground up approach to building and populating their new Channel.

Responding to our customers’ requests, we continue to stand out as Channel thought leaders with these two innovative and contemporary program offerings:

Take our “Channels Readiness Quiz” and send the results to us for a no-cost one-on-one Channel viability assessment. And, don’t forget to also download the CRQ Score Card along with it.

We look forward to being your #1 Channel Partner!

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