Channel basics that will save you baskets of cash, and maybe your job…

    bookThese days I can’t help but notice that most LinkedIn channel discussions are written for existing IT Partner Programs.  Meaning that, the target audience and those asking for advice are in the, “…we have a channel that’s not performing up to expectations, what do we do?” zone

    Fortunately for this group, there’s no shortage of great advice from experienced channel managers, software sales folks with a helpful partner solution or other experts.

    Unfortunately, there’s another large group of channel hopefuls who are having a more difficult time finding answers to their – “How to build a Reseller Program” – questions.  They are the IT corporate leaders tasked with creating a new partner program from the ground up; and, they don’t know where to turn for experienced start up advice, channel business plans, process and workflow templates or useful budget information.

    If you’re in this last group, or just want to learn some valuable new Channel Development tips, tricks and techniques then read on – good news ahead!

    After 35 years of creating, developing and managing IT partner channels I’ve decided to share my secrets and short cuts.  Nothing held back.

    I’m preparing a series of blogs (articles) under the working title of the “Channel Executive’s Survival Guide” that will take a detailed and meticulous, step-by-step look at building an ISV Partner Channel from concept to booming success.  We’ll be focusing predominately on the emerging software vendor marketplace – SaaS and On Premises (Enterprise).

    You can expect surprises and new ways of looking at your reseller program before you start.  For example, misconceptions, unrealistic expectations and failure to understand your partner’s motivations are bigger obstacles to your future partner program success than resellers.  You may do everything right “by the book” and still fail if you’re not in-sync with their business purpose and goals.  We’ll explore that together and set you on a straight path to success before wasting time and money.

    A peek at a few of the topics we’ll explore:

    • How to evaluate your product and/or services for channel viability
      • Not every product is a good “traditional” partner sales candidate, we’ll discuss alternative channels.
    • Establishing realistic and reasonable expectations
    • How long will it take and how should we budget
    • Most common mistakes made by new channel leaders

    The series will be published regularly on our website, as well as various Linkedin Groups, Tweeted (@thevarcity) and our Facebook page. Follow me on Twitter for the quickest access to limited special offers, bonus access to our original in-house VAR prospecting database and latest information.

    To make this the most valuable experience possible I strongly encourage comments, questions and counter points.














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